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The business world is tough.

It takes everything you've got to stay on top of things. It's not just hard work and long hours; you've got to be smart, knowledgeable, resourceful, available and accountable. Seems like you almost need superpowers to rise above the fray…

Mighty Notes to the rescue!

Yes, Mighty Notes—a powerful, easy-to-learn note-taking system you can download now and apply immediately to:

All by learning a new method of taking notes.

That's right! Mighty Notes transforms mere "note-taking" into an efficient system that gives you an edge in your workplace, bringing increased clarity and understanding to business meetings, workshops and lectures.

It's simple to use and the results are remarkable

"I always thought I took good notes, but now I get so much more out of them. Mighty Notes has really helped my productivity."
    – OM, Atlanta

"Mighty Notes helps me focus on the important things and not get bogged down in minutia. I'm writing less and getting more out of meetings."
     – AS, New York

"I've been using it as a kind of instant checklist. … I'm definitely getting more done. … My boss actually commented on how 'I'm so on top of things these days.'"
     – SG, Houston

Here's how it works:

Mighty Notes uses a unique page layout and intuitive symbol lexicon to organize your notes and make them insightful and actionable.

Pages are divided into four key areas:

Mighty Notes Example

Try Mighty Notes at your next meeting. Use it during your next phone call. There's nothing to risk, and everything to gain, because it's free!

Download Mighty Notes now, absolutely FREE!

We're so certain you'll benefit from the system, we're willing to give you this knowledge for free, asking only two things in return:

  1. Spread the word about Mighty Notes by sending your friends and associates to this website.
  2. Once you see an increase in your job performance, come back to this site and make a contribution.

It's as simple as that.